Weekly Wrap Up: Ropes & Strings

Friday’s Inspire Me: Ropes & Strings

Inspire Me: Ropes & Strings

Do you have the perfect wall space for a piece of art but you’re having trouble deciding what to put there? How about a beautiful textural wall hanging! Tapestries, macramé and other woven pieces of art are timeless and can go anywhere. They are interesting to look at and touch, and come in all shapes, sizes and colors. I bet you didn’t know you needed one, huh?

(Images via New Friends, Himo Art, Native Line)

Weekly Wrap Up: Summer Table Linens

Friday’s Inspire Me: Summer Table Linens

Inspire Me: Summer Table Linens

Enjoy every meal outside this summer! You don’t have to wait for a special occasion to make your table look pretty for dinner. Treat yourself to some gorgeous linens to put on the table- a quick way to spruce it up, especially when you want to eat outside. Pick something you love- a bold print or bright color- and don’t stress if your napkins don’t match!

(Images via dorothyboruta, Skinny laMinx, Leif Shop, abc carpet & home)

Weekly Wrap Up: Sudara, Watermelon Prints & Dream Bedding

Monday’s Meet the Maker: Sudara
Wednesday’s Design Meets Fashion: Watermelon Prints
Friday’s Inspire Me: Dream Bedding

Inspire Me: Dream Bedding

I like to keep my bedding simple. If I am going to ‘make my bed’ in the morning before I run out the door it needs to be quick and easy, so I’m happy I don’t load it up with tons of decorative pillows. I do, however, fantasize about walking by the bedroom and catching a glimpse of truly dreamy bedding: simple colors, just a couple of pillows, and a cushy duvet that makes you want to jump right in bed. To get the unmade look, straighten your sheets and fluff the pillows and then casually toss your quilt or duvet on top. For the “jump right into bed” comfy factor, fluff the corners a bit so they’re rounded out by the bedding.

(Image via Coyuchi)

Design Meets Fashion: Watermelon Prints

As a child I basically worshipped watermelon in the summer. I could eat a giant melon in one to two days and want nothing else. Now I am a little less indulgent and a bit more creative with the fruit, throwing it into drinks and salads or making popsicles, but I have yet to indulge in a watermelon printed anything. I love how these pillow cases and the top scream summer! They’re fun and cheerful, don’t you think?

(Photography by Lauren Bamford for I Love Linen via Bright Bazaar & Pinterest.)

Meet the Maker: Sudara

Last week a friend introduced me to Sudara, an organization based in Costa Mesa, CA which trains and employs women who’ve escaped human trafficking and helps them build a sustainable and healthy livelihood for themselves. One of their lines is called “punjammies”, a fun wordplay on pajamas and Punjab, a province in present day India and Pakistan. They also sell tops, sweatshirts and punjammies for kids!

Not only are the products fun and beautiful, but this is an organization close to my heart. As someone who is half Kashmiri, I am well aware of the crimes against women in India and Pakistan and have thought a lot about ways to help them. Additionally, one of my oldest friends is a well-trained victims advocate and helps crack down on human trafficking in America through her organization West Marin Advocacy; the stories she shares are shocking and horrifying and yet also teach me a lot about strength, willpower and the power of community and hope.

It’s exciting to find an organization that provides a great product while also, and more importantly, creating such important opportunities for women.

Weekly Wrap Up: Summer Stripes, Debbie Carlos & Pattern on the Ceiling

Monday’s Meet the Maker: Debbie Carlos
Wednesday’s Design Meets Fashion: Summer Stripes
Friday’s Inspire Me: Pattern on the Ceiling

Inspire Me: Pattern on the Ceiling

A few weeks ago I tempted you to paint your ceiling a gorgeous, saturated version of your favorite color, and this week you’ll need to find another room to redo because you’re gonna love this- pattern! I think this would work great in a small space such as an office, powder room, or even the dining room. Depending on your taste and how daring you’re willing to go, keep it simple with a black & white geometric or go all out. Either way you’ve added the perfect touch of drama to a room with very little effort. Bravo!

(Images design lovers via Kelly Deck Design, apartment therapy)