History Lesson: Mondrian

Piet Mondrian (1872-1944) was a Dutch painter most famous for a style of art he called neoplasticism. His best known work involves a black on white grid filled in with the primary colors red, yellow, and blue to simplify his subject matter to a fundamental level. This ultra-abstract interpretation was part of the basic idea behind the De Stijl movement, of which Mondrian was a founding member. His work was essential to the growth of modern art and is some of the most recognizable art in modern history.

(Image via The Guardian)

Weekly Wrap Up: Ghost Buster & Oliver Gal

Monday’s History Lesson: Ghost Buster
Friday’s Destination: Hollywood, FL- Oliver Gal

Destination: Hollywood, FL- Oliver Gal

I was doing some virtual shopping at Fab this week and came across these fabulous canvas prints by The Oliver Gal Artist Collective. Curious, I checked out their website and love what they’re all about. Lola Sánchez & Ana Gal are sisters, both artists, and owners of the company. Inspired by their travels and the Miami art scene, they have curated collections worthy of any modern home.

(Images via Fab here & here)

History Lesson: Ghost Buster

I just love the Ghost Buster. It’s the perfect end table or nightstand, especially for a tight space. It was designed in 2010 by Philippe Starck and features curved edges and an open shelf. It’s transparent like other items in the Ghost collection, and comes in lots of colors. Simple, fun, and elegant design!

(Images via Royal Design, hive)

Weekly Wrap Up: Sputnik Chandelier & Summer Cottage

Monday’s History Lesson: Sputnik Chandelier
Friday’s Destination: Summer Cottage

Destination: Summer Cottage

Wouldn’t it be lovely to pack up for the weekend and head to your summer cottage? Tea on the porch, dipping your toes in the lake, curl up in your grandmother’s quilt by the fire… nice. Your summer cottage doesn’t have to be any destination other than your own home- it’s just all about the things that make you feel comfy and keep you smiling. Pick up a reclaimed door at the local antique shop and use it as a coffee table, and grab some shabby chic accessories while you’re at it. Keep colors light and dreamy, mix up some iced tea, and enjoy the long summer days.

(Image via a beach cottage)

History Lesson: Sputnik Chandelier

The launch of the Sputnik satellite in 1957 created an atomic frenzy and inspired the NASA space program. Design followed the trend of course, and space-age motifs and icons were seen in everything from furniture to wallpaper, and the Sputnik chandelier started popping up over hipster dining room tables. This midcentury modern classic is usually seen in shiny brass. It has a varying number of arms, all with their own light bulb at the end.

(Images via lonny, pinterest)

Weekly Wrap Up: Kastell van Mesen, Surfer Girl, & Waldspirale

Monday’s History Lesson: Kastell van Mesen
Wednesday’s Design Meets Fashion: Surfer Girl
Friday’s Destination: Waldspirale

Destination: Waldspirale

Waldspirale, or “Forest Spiral,” is an apartment building located in Darmstadt, Germany. Completed in 2000, Heinz Springmann was the architect behind the design by Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser. The building houses 105 units and contains more than 1000 windows that are all different. It has a living roof built on a slant and a lake in the courtyard. Waldspirale generally has no right angles or sharp corners, even inside the apartments.

(Image via bright side of)

Design Meets Fashion: Surfer Girl

A great way to add character to your home is with artwork, and I love the vibrant colors and energy of John Holm’s surf paintings. They truly embrace the spirit and beauty of surfing and have a vintage vibe that makes them all the more timeless. Perfect for a California-style home!

(Images via John Holm & Pinterest.)