Weekly Wrap Up: Ceiling Color

Friday’s Inspire Me: Color on the Ceiling

Inspire Me: Color on the Ceiling

Painting the ceiling anything but white might seem like a really bold thing to do in a room, but adding a blast of color to this area might be the perfect dose of drama you’ve been craving! There are endless options to consider when painting the ceiling. White will help the ceiling feel higher and the room brighter as the light is reflected throughout the room; matching the wall color creates a cozy envelope for a room, which might be nice for a powder room or child’s bedroom; and a darker or contrasting color creates a wow factor that is bold and unexpected.

(Image via Marie Claire Maison)

Weekly Wrap Up: Cememt, Callen Thompson & A Library

Monday’s Meet the Maker: BEAM: Paintings and Textiles by Callen Thompson
Wednesday’s Design Meets Fashion: Cement
Friday’s Inspire Me: Library

Inspire Me: Library

If you love books it’s so nice to have a place to display and organize them. Your library can be anywhere and of any size- no need to limit yourself especially if you feel like you don’t have enough space for something grand. Whether you use built-ins or bookcases, place your favorite chair and accent table nearby and enjoy a good book.

(Image via The Design Files)

Design Meets Fashion: Cement

Cement is the norm core equivalent of sweats in interior design. It’s so stripped down it’s nearly surprising, and yet as a basic material it works. I like the use of color to brighten it up however, as it’s rather sullen in its bare bones minimalism without some added warmth. What are your thoughts on cement in interiors? Have you indulged in any norm cored trends yet?

(Images via Casa Abril/Photographs: Marco Antonio & Pinterest.)

Meet the Maker: BEAM: Paintings and Textiles by Callen Thompson

Austin-based Callen Thompson is a textile artist and painter behind the company BEAM. Inspired by geometric shapes found in “the natural world”, she paints delicately lined landscapes and patterns in vibrant sunset colors. Her repetitious lines within her pantings and patterns are both eye catching and soothing. To see more products at BEAM, the shop can be found on Etsy.


Lace Wing cotton voile wedding dress BEAM Lace Wing print on cotton voile, photo by Nicole Mlakar

Annapurna (2014)

Coquina // Archival Giclee Print


Weekly Wrap Up: Judit Just, Simple Spring Palette & Garden Tools

Monday’s Meet the Maker: Judit Just
Wednesday’s Design Meets Fashion: A Simple Spring Palette
Friday’s Inspire Me: Garden Tools

Inspire Me: Garden Tools

It’s time to get outside and revamp the garden! All you really need to get motivated are a pretty pair of gardening gloves and some stylishly handy tools- and before you know it your garden will look as gorgeous as you do! Here are some ideas to get you outside.

Yellow Watering Can, Crate&Barrel $15.96 on sale!
Herb Snips, Terrain $20
Classic Garden Glove, Terrain $28
Mia Sun Hat, Anthropologie $98
Joules Molly Welly Rain Boots, Target $69.99
Ash Wood Garden Tools, Anthropologie $40
Eggplant Super-Slim Lightweight Hose, gardeners.com $39.95 – $99.95

Design Meets Fashion: A Simple Spring Palette

A simple, understated palette of muted colors and natural fibers is serene and easy. Especially in a world of too much stimulation, sometimes sticking to soothing basics is best.

(Images via VosgesParis.)

Meet the Maker: Judit Just

There are some amazing trends in textiles and crafts emerging lately. One of my favorites is the use of mixed media to create rich organic tapestries and funky jewelry with the use of materials and methods like embroidery, beading and chunky yarn. One designer who epitomizes the beauty of this style is Judit Just.

Spanish born-American based Just has a background in fashion design and sculpture which she blended with her passion for crafts in the form of beautiful jewelry and home goods. From necklaces that blend beading with embroidery to wall hangings rich with color, texture and form, Just showcases a plethora of tactile functional art.

(All images via Etsy.)