Weekly Wrap Up: A Workspace for 2

Friday’s Inspire Me: A Workspace for 2

Inspire Me: A Workspace for 2

Unless you live on your own, chances are more than one person in your household spends at least some of their time on the computer/tablet/laptop/etc. Some homes offer space for a dedicated office and some don’t- either way, it’s nice to have a workspace that can handle more than one person. Make sure the desktop is large enough for 2 workstations with 2 chairs, and incorporate some wire management to control all the cords. Think creatively about the kind of storage you might need, and how to keep the work surface neat and tidy: hang shelves or add a minimalist hutch to keep things off the desktop, and a rolling cart or file cabinet can live under the desk. And don’t forget about the artwork!

(Image via ManMade)

Weekly Wrap Up: Diana Fayt

Friday’s Inspire Me: Diana Fayt

Inspire Me: Diana Fayt

Gorgeous pottery always stops me in my tracks and it was a happy accident that I stumbled across amazing artist Diana Fayt. Diana was born in LA and currently lives and works in San Francisco. From her Etsy profile, she is “both a traveler and a lover of home” (love that!) and exhibits her work all over the world. Lucky for us she sells through her website shop and her Etsy store, Diana Fayt Ceramics (currently on break). Beautiful!

(Image via Diana Fayt)

Weekly Wrap Up: Falling for CB2

Friday’s Inspire Me: Falling for CB2

Inspire Me: Falling for CB2

CB2’s new fall collection kind of makes me want to redo a few rooms in my house. There’s color, texture, simplicity and warmth, and it feels very cohesive. There’s a great mix of textiles, woods and metals and I love the bit of caning thrown in. In a few weeks they’ll debut their collaboration with Lenny Kravitz- very exciting!

(Image via CB2)

Weekly Wrap Up: Queen Elizabeth II

Friday’s Inspire Me: Queen Elizabeth II

Inspire Me: Queen Elizabeth II

This week Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II became the longest reigning monarch in the history of the UK. She is known as much for her elegance and style as she is for her service to her country. On September 9th she reigned for 23,226 days, surpassing the previous longest reign held by Queen Victoria (her great-great grandmother)- and whether you’re a fan of the monarchy or not, it’s an impressive run. The 89 year old took the title Her Majesty in 1953, after the death of her father King George VI.

(Image via BBC)

Weekly Wrap Up: A Simple Entryway

Friday’s Inspire Me: A Simple Entryway

Inspire Me: A Simple Entryway

The entryway is where we drop our coats, bags, keys and mail. It’s where we keep the dog leash and our go-to scarf. Keeping the area organized is as important as keeping the kitchen counter cleared off, so furnish it with (multi) functional items that fit your lifestyle and space. All you really need is a landing strip of sorts- such as a shelf for mail and things, and a place to hang coats, bags, scarves, etc.- such as a row of hooks or a standing coat rack. If there’s room, include a chair or bench. Let your uncluttered entryway be an invitation into a peaceful home.

(Image via NORD no.27)