Weekly Wrap Up: Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday’s Inspire Me: Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Whether you’re home with family and friends or braving the holiday shoppers today, we hope you have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving weekend!

Weekly Wrap Up: Inspiring Architecture

Friday’s Inspire Me: Architecture

Inspire Me: Architecture

Someone asked me today what some of my favorite buildings are. I thought about it for a few seconds and responded that even if I’m not a big fan of a particular architect or style, I definitely appreciate good design. If I had to come up with some favorites though, Le Corbusier’s Notre Dame du Haut (Ronchamp, France) would be in my top 10. It’s surreal and peaceful and beautifully whimsical, and there’s not a photo of it that I don’t love. This Catholic church was completed in 1954, and as a departure from his famous boxy style, is considered to be one of Le Corbusier’s most important works.

(Images via Great Buildings)

Weekly Wrap Up: Forbes & Lomax

Friday’s Inspire Me: Forbes & Lomax

Inspire Me: Forbes & Lomax

The little things make a difference in design and I love when people create beautiful products for everyday objects. UK based Forbes & Lomax has been designing incredible light switches, dimmers and switch plates since 1988. Don’t want to cover up your gorgeous wall covering with a plastic light switch? Amp up your space with the Invisible Lightswitch! And I love the gorgeous metal ones- their simplicity is really striking.

(Images via Forbes & Lomax)

Weekly Wrap Up: Kate Spade Home

Friday’s Inspire Me: Kate Spade Home

Inspire Me: Kate Spade Home

Kate Spade NY has launched their home collection and it’s just as fabulous as you might expect. It includes furniture, rugs, lighting and accessories that are perfectly modern, feminine and playful. The website features a small sample of the full collection which will debut in spring… there’s color, sparkle, polka dots, flowers & bows- and a whole lot of pretty!

(Image via Kate Spade New York)

Weekly Wrap Up: Fiddle Leaf Fig

Friday’s Inspire Me: Fiddle Leaf Fig

Inspire Me: Fiddle Leaf Fig

A really beautiful choice for an indoor plant is the Fiddle Leaf Fig. Their leaves are large and floppy, and a shade of green that matches everything. Place your tree in a spot that’s bright for most of the day, but out of direct sunlight. Wait for the topsoil to dry out before watering, and don’t forget to dust off those leaves once in a while. So pretty!

(Image via fynct)