Weekly Wrap Up: John Baldessari, Creative Textiles & Get Your Party On!

Monday’s Meet the Maker: John Baldessari
Wednesday’s Design Meets Fashion: Creative Textiles
Friday’s Inspire Me: Get Your Party On!

Inspire Me: Get Your Party On!

We’re full swing into Holiday Party Season! Maybe you’re planning a bash for 25+ people, or maybe just a quiet night for two- either way, take advantage of the opportunity to decorate and create yummy apps and drinks. Don’t stress yourself out by decking all the halls in your home: concentrate on one area and keep it minimal. I love this idea of bunching up disco balls (easy DIY!) and hanging them from the ceiling. You can also arrange them on the mantle or media console- or in the fireplace would be pretty, too. Try a special cocktail like a Pear Nectar & Thyme Mimosa (doesn’t that sound amazing?), and enjoy yourself!

Happy Holidays!

(Image via pinterest)

Design Meets Fashion: Creative Textiles

I recently discovered the textile fashion label Ace & Jig. Using their own woven yard-dyed fabrics, they design simple everyday pieces in incredibly beautiful textile designs that are hand loomed by weavers in India. What I love about their dresses in particular is that they can easily be dressed up with tights and boots for cold weather, or paired with sandals for a beachside vacation.

(Images via Urban Outfitters and BabycinnoKids.)

Meet the Maker: John Baldessari

Brain/Cloud (With Seascape and Palm Tree), 2009

California artist John Baldessari made a name for himself in the 1960s with his “phototext” paintings in which he would reappropriate photography, mixing them with text, paintings or shapes. Now in his 80s, Baldessari continues to create vibrant conceptual art.

Two Whales (with People), 2010

Weekly Wrap Up: Emerson Woelffer, Tweed & Your Holiday Table

Monday’s Meet the Maker: Emerson Woelffer
Wednesday’s Design Meets Fashion: Tweed
Friday’s Inspire Me: Your Holiday Table

Inspire Me: Your Holiday Table

Whether you’re serving dinner to your family on any old weeknight or to a well thought out guest list of 10, the holidays are a great time of year to take advantage of the opportunity to create a beautiful tablescape. Go outside and pick up some twigs and pinecones and tie a red ribbon around the middle, or go all out and write everyone’s name in calligraphy on pretty little cards. Turn off the ceiling light and arrange a group of pillar candles as a centerpiece. Use a vintage tablecloth. Break out the “good” dishes and use them every day for the next 2 weeks. Serve the mashed potatoes in the prettiest bowl you have… and enjoy the glittery magic of the season!

(Image via poppytalk)

Design Meets Fashion: Tweed

There are few fabrics as quintessentially perfect for late fall/early winter than tweed. A thick tweed can look cozy and warm while also sophisticated. I love this oversized menswear-inspired coat by Isabel Marant; pair it with a silk blouse and some black pants and you’re set!

(Images via Schoolhouse Electric and Isabel Marant.)

Meet the Maker: Emerson Woelffer

"50 Fingers", 1968

Born and educated in Chicago, Emerson Woelffer moved to Los Angeles in 1960 and became a leading figure in California’s abstract expressionism movement. He taught at the California Institute of Arts in Valencia and later Otis College of Art & Design, where he served as the Chair of the Painting Department and left his estate to their scholarship fund.

Woeffler was influenced by his travels to Mexico and India, which can be observed in his use of  bright colors and collaging. One of his most famous pieces is Untitled, created in 1949, and showcases his kinetic use of shapes and colors.

Untitled, 1949.


Weekly Wrap Up: Floating Storage, Hexagons, & Ed Moses

Monday’s Meet the Maker: Ed Moses
Wednesday’s Design Meets Fashion: Hexagons
Friday’s Inspire Me: Floating Storage

Inspire Me: Floating Storage

If you’re looking to update your space with some new storage, floating cabinets are great option for a clean, modern storage solution. Mounting cabinets to the wall is both functional and versatile, and works in any room: use them as a media console in the living room, file storage in the office, and nightstands in the bedroom. Wall-mounted cabinets also help a space feel larger by giving the floor some breathing room underneath.

(Images via est, apartment therapy)