Weekly Wrap Up: Paige Smith, Bright Yellow & Aquamarine

Monday’s Meet the Maker: Paige Smith
Wednesday’s Design Meets Fashion: Bright Yellow
Friday’s Inspire Me: Aquamarine

Inspire Me: Aquamarine

Happy March! This month’s birthstone happens to be one of my favorite colors. Aqua(marine) is cool, bright, cheery, and makes a really happy color for interiors from paint to furniture and accessories. The many versions of the hue look great layered together, against a pristine white background, or with other colors like grays and yellows. So, welcome March- bring on the aquamarine!

(Images via Beppe Brancato, Inside Out)

Design Meets Fashion: Bright Yellow

Gae Aulenti chairs meets Delpozo in bright textural yellow. Whether it’s one chair or an entire table set, I love the use of unexpected colors to mix things up a bit.

(Images via Okay Art and Trendencias.)

Meet the Maker: Paige Smith

Have you ever been walking through the streets of LA and seen a beautiful manmade geode peeking out of a building? That is the work of multidisciplinary artist Paige Smith.

Smith is a graphic designer and co-creator of the handbag line Vere Verto, but she is best known for her paper and resin cast geode sculptures which she has installed around the world in urban environments whether outdoors into a building corner or as part of a larger installation and event. These wonderfully textural designs bring a smile to my face. What a remarkable take on street art!

(All images via A Common Name.)

Weekly Wrap Up: Palm Fronds & White Painted Floors

Wednesday’s Design Meets Fashion: Palm Fronds
Friday’s Inspire Me: White Painted Floors

Inspire Me: White Painted Floors

I have been tempted to paint my hardwood floors for ages. I go back and forth on the color, but white always seems to be what I think I’ll love the most. Every room I see with a white wood floor feels so clean, modern and elegant at the same time. Imagine all your furniture and rugs against such a peaceful background, and how endearing minor wear and tear could look!

Maybe 2015 is the year of the white painted floor!

(Image from the design chaser via Alvhem Makleri & Interior)

Design Meets Fashion: Palm Fronds

Spring/Summer 2015 Fashion Week is upon us and it’s delightful to see what’s coming for the next season. One of my favorite trends is tropical plant prints. I recently visited a nursery that featured a number of exotic plants and learned how easy it is to incorporate banana palms and other tropical plants into interior décor and gardens. Plants are a fantastic way to add color, texture and movement instantly, and having tropical plants around takes me right back to vacation. Translating that onto an elegant whimsical dress as Adriana Degreas does with her SS15 collection is a wonderful interpretation of that mood!



(Images by Silvia Rivoltella via Tiziana Tosoni and Imaxtree.)

Weekly Wrap Up: Fluorescents, Amy Adler & Spools of Thread

Monday’s Meet the Maker: Amy Adler
Wednesday’s Design Meets Fashion: Fluorescents
Friday’s Inspire Me: Spools of Thread

Inspire Me: Spools of Thread

Being an avid sewer means I have no problem with my large collection of thread. It’s something you need to have handy, in every color of the rainbow, and fabulously organized. By color. And in my case, visible- I have them hanging on a wooden spool rack in my sewing studio. The rack is a piece of art in itself, showcasing all color from muted to saturated, whites and blacks, and modern and vintage wooden spools of all different sizes. So celebrate your spools of thread! Put them in a gorgeous basket or hang them on the wall. They’re motivational and a reminder to make time to create something.

(Images via Society6, south africa’s most fashionable, the creative homemaker)

Design Meets Fashion: Fluorescents

Add a little cheer to your life with fluorescents! I love this Disco Chair by Kiwi & Pom.–it’s a modern lounger that uses electroluminescent wiring to create a lighted multicolor display and seat.

(Images via The Coolest and Chicwish.)