Weekly Wrap Up: Pendants

Friday’s Inspire Me: Pendants

Inspire Me: Pendants

If you’re like most people, you use your living room as the TV room: sofa with coffee table facing the media console and TV. But what if you had a sitting room in your home, a space where conversation takes place and there’s no TV for distraction? There might be a seating group around a cocktail table- and you could consider this interesting and unexpected placement of pendants. This would only work if the lighting isn’t going to interfere with what you’re viewing, but I think it looks really elegant.

(Image via desire to inspire/Elle Decor España)

Weekly Wrap Up: Bring on the Plants

Friday’s Inspire Me: Bring on the Plants

Inspire Me: Bring on the Plants

Celebrate spring by taking home some plants this weekend! Keep it minimal or pile them on- either way you’ll enjoy having their company. Plants help us concentrate, induce creativity, reduce stress, keep us calm, improve air quality- and add wonderful pops of color!

(Images via Brit+Co, A Cup of Jo)

Weekly Wrap Up: Brid’s Nest Beds, Multicolors & Dark Grout

Monday’s Meet the Maker: Bird’s Nest Beds
Wednesday’s Design Meets Fashion: Multicolored
Friday’s Inspire Me: White Tile Dark Grout

Inspire Me: White Tile Dark Grout

One thing that’s sometimes overlooked when considering a tiling project is what color the grout should be. A first reaction might be to just use white or light gray. For instant (and gorgeous!) drama, try a contrasting color- one of my favorites is dark gray or black grout with white subway tile. Somehow it’s traditional and modern at the same time, and really elegant.

(Image via desire to inspire)

Design Meets Fashion: Multicolored

Spring is upon us, and the multitude of floral blooms are a great inspiration for how playful you can be with a color palette, from mixing pastels and brights in a room to wearing a brightly patterned bathing suit.

(Images by  via Refinery29 and Anthropologie.)

Meet the Maker: Bird’s Nest Beds

Happy Easter! In honor of the spring holiday, what better to showcase than furniture that looks like a basket of easter eggs? European brand OGE created this new concept on sitting areas with the intention of creating a “new and inspiring socializing space: a fusion of furniture and playground” (GiantBirdsnest.com). I think it’s fun concepts like this one that change the way we interact with each other in social and business environments, although this is also coming from an extrovert. I also love their use of Pysanka designs. What are your thoughts on these beds?

(Images via OGE’s Giant Birdnest)

Weekly Wrap Up: Boho Modern & Collections

Wednesday’s Design Meets Fashion: Boho Modern
Friday’s Inspire Me: Displaying a Collection

Inspire Me: Displaying a Collection

We all have collections of things we love. From artwork to teacups to souvenirs, it’s fun to collect pretty things- and displaying them thoughtfully is a great way to appreciate them. Grouping framed art and photos on an accent wall or over the sofa is a great idea, or have shelving dedicated to your items. If hanging things on a wall, plan the layout with painter’s tape or kraft paper- or just go for it!

(Images via Real Simple, apartment therapy)