Weekly Wrap Up: Camel Cable Knits & Artwork Headboards

Wednesday’s Design Meets Fashion: Camel Cable Knits
Friday’s Inspire Me: Artwork Headboards

Inspire Me: Artwork Headboards

A great idea to add a splash of color and texture to your bedroom is with a large piece of art over the bed. This works whether your bed has a headboard or not, and it’s a fabulous way to freshen up the space. To create the illusion of a headboard (as opposed to simply hanging art over the bed), use art that you love and a canvas (or other surface) that is approximately the width of your bed- and there’s no height limit!

If you love this idea but are a little intimidated to try it, contact us and we’ll help curate the perfect piece of art for your headboard!

(Images via escapade, NOYO, Fab)

Design Meets Fashion: Camel Cable Knits

Design Meets Fashion is back! I’ve spent the summer adjusting to life as a mother of two, and now that things are settling in again, I’m excited to share some new ideas and finds. But first off, what are you craving for fall/winter? Although it’s never very cold in LA, it’s still nice to stock up on cozy sweaters and light jackets. This season, I’m a sucker for camel colored cable knits. Neutral and classic, the texture and color pair well with thick fabrics, from denim to upholstery wovens.

(Images via Horchow and Death by Elocution.)

Weekly Wrap Up: Monochromatic Interiors

Friday’s Inspire Me: Monochromatic Interiors

Inspire Me: Monochromatic Interiors

One very dramatic way to approach color in your home is by doing a monochromatic interior: where all (or most) surfaces, furniture and accessories are in the same color, or value of color. It is also a creative way to get an alternate color to stand out. For example in an all-white space, any other color you include- from an accent pillow to a sofa- will most likely be the focal point in the room. This color scheme works for some people, and not so much for others- it can be viewed as peaceful or tranquil, and also as monotonous. If you are intrigued and don’t know how to approach the idea, contact us to help design your monochromatic interior!

(Image via Air space)

Weekly Wrap Up: Copper

Friday’s Inspire Me: Copper

Inspire Me: Copper

Warm up your space this winter with some copper elements. From lighting to accessories, the gorgeous warm tones of copper will add a touch of glamour and sophistication to any room. It works well with any style, offering a modern element to a rustic space and an industrial element to a transitional space.

(Images via jelanie, Steven Banken, 101woonideeen)

Weekly Wrap Up: Turning a Corner

Friday’s Inspire Me: Turning a Corner

Inspire Me: Turning a Corner

Here’s an interesting way to consider a corner of your home! It’s fun to treat a normally overlooked space to some creative TLC. Adding a design element to an outside corner is unexpected, and a great way to add just a touch of drama in places where you least expect it.

(Images via madderthanthehatter, blood&champagne)

Weekly Wrap Up: Risom Lounge Chair & Structural Columns

Monday’s History Lesson: Risom Lounge Chair
Friday’s Inspire Me: Celebrating the Structural Pillar